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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 20, 2001

So it all comes down to the game with the vermin. And for a change they have something on the line. This is a series unlike any other that we play. The teams and the fans really don't like each other. I have never been comfortable at games in Boulder. Even during the years that my former employer exiled me to Colorado. It is interesting that we have won 11 games and are champions of nothing.

But enough of that and on to the game. They are prone to turnovers and penalties and have several key injuries to their defense. So why is this not a walkover? They struggled with Kansas and Iowa State and and got blasted by Texas. Despite everything I just said they have a great deal of talent and Barnett has made them more physical than Skippy ever did (man, I miss him). They will run right at us as K-State tried, but their QB is not as mobile but is a better passer. Their TE Graham is the real deal. Their defense has been up and down and is beat up. I know we will move the ball on these guys. So we will score plenty of points. We must not give up a long return in the kicking game. Their return men are highly ranked. Our defense got run over by Johnson last year and we had trouble with Ochs. But Ochs is hurt and if he plays he'll be rusty, and our defense is much improved. So I believe that we can stop them.

We have the better, more consistent, big-game experienced team. We should win this game by about 14 points. But I have this nervous feeling that won't go away.
-- The Colonel



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