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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 31, 2000

Well, I was surprised as I always am when the sun comes up after we lose. This was one of the strangest games I can remember. Also, very disturbing. Our offense line got run over and our coaching staff was terribly overmatched. Frank had the best plan to start the game on both sides of the ball. But Stoops adjusted and Frank took his foot off the gas. He went away from plays and formations that had worked earlier in the game. We never could get pressure on Heupel and couldn't come up with any ideas to create it. Frank has been slow to make adjustments all along. But this time against their staff our shortcomings were glaring. Crouch looked rattled and I have never seen that before. We weren't flat, we were discouraged and didn't seem to have any fight in us.

That was the negative, and from here on we will get more positive. The defense did a solid job. If you would have said on Friday that they would score 31 and only 21 on offense, I would say that we would win. We just couldn't get pressure and it put our secondary in a bad spot. But the D played better in the second half and I would say good enough to win.

This was the game that we could afford to lose and still get to the national championship. K-State is vulnerable and we didn't fall that far in the BCS standings. But Frank has to get the swagger back in his team, because I still think that we have a better team than Oklahoma and if we win out we will play for No. 1. I have talked all year about something in this team being missing. The offense isn't as good as the sum of its parts. With as many weapons as we have we should never be shut out for three quarters. Vanden Bosch should be an All-American and he misses tackles and doesn't get his hands up when he is in position to make a play. We have the pieces to be a great team. It is up to Frank to pull them together and save our season. Because all of our goals are still within reach. But Frank and the offense line have to get better to get there.
-- The Colonel



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