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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 28, 1998

The difference between good and great is Evans and Bobby. If Washington was any good, that was the best game I've seenus play in my 35 years or so of watching games. We were more impressive on defense than on offense if that is possible. Because going in we thought that their defense was suspect but that their offense had a thing or two going for it. Huard had Kordell Stewart eyes and was very unimpressive -- no movement and I thought not much arm strength. We forced turnovers; we didn't receive them. Our pass rush was relentless and Kelsay is playing like an all-American. I thought Finley had killed that guy in the third quarter. We used a variety of blitzes, and Washington never really had a chance. They were such a mess that they even left Burnt Toast alone when he wasplaying the field corner.

Evans and Bobby showed what speed can mean to our offense. The whole offensive rhythm picked with Bobby in the game. It reminded me of Tommie because when he was in the game everything happened faster. Bobby audibled very well, and our o-line reserves played great because we were alternating guys all day.

I love to watch Brown kick off because he always tries something different. Line drives into the wind and kicks on an angle with the wind.

In the early ' 90s when these guys beat us, weplayed hard but they had better athletes. The last two years we clearly had the better athletes. That shows you how far our program has come in five years.
-- The Colonel



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