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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 3, 2004

That was an unfortunate offensive display — confused and lacking confidence. This is not good heading into the meat of our schedule. The defense saved us again. For the third straight week, from the middle of the third quarter on, one more score would have salted away the game and for the third straight week we couldn't deliver. Our defense has some problems, most importantly the lack of a pass rush from the down four. This will have to be fixed in recruiting. But the offense doesn't seem to have any continuity. We have one sure loss and one sure win left on the schedule, and the rest are absolutely a toss-up. I am disappointed with the way our offense is being coached. Perhaps I expected too much.

There was a lot to like on defense. Fabian is an NFL corner and great player. Bradley is starting to develop into a star. The defense is the rock of the team. Cosgrove didn't do a great job on the three and four wide receiver sets and KU dominated the total plays and time of possession. But the defense is not the problem. We need more athletes on this side of the ball, but only recruiting will solve that long term. Huston makes plays even though he is not a great athlete, and Bo will be the best Ruud to play for us. Watch him on special teams, he is amazing.

Now it is time to discuss our offense. Grab your favorite beverage, because this is not a pretty conversation. We are starting to look disorganized and confused. I watched this for five years and thought that we were done with that. I was wrong. Our offense looked as though it was very poorly coached. Joe in his fourth start seemed less sure of himself than in his first. I believe he is regressing and starting to lose confidence. I think Joe has talent — it is time for Bill and Jay to step up and coach 'em up. Bill, don't us tell about how the plays worked and your guys didn't execute. It is your job to make them execute. If there is a lack of execution, that is a direct reflection on coaching. Don't complain, Bill; coach better. Offsides, poor decisions by Joe, time-outs to get the play in — none of this is talent, it is coaching. Also, why do we think that Jackson can get a feel for the game one carry at a time? Our home-run threat Green had one carry on the play he always runs. The only play that has consistently worked for us was the bootleg. Add up the number of times that we ran it last night. Kansas had trouble stopping the run all night, and at the end of the first half when we decided to stop being clever and just run the ball we scored in four plays. Right now Ross is playing as well as any I-back we have ever had, with very little support. Without Ross, we would be stagnant on offense.

First we try a FG on a fourth and inches, and then we try to punt on a fourth and 4 from the 33 and end up netting 11 yards. I am concerned that our coaching staff is coaching as if they are playing the Ravens instead of Kansas. Several times over the last two games I have seen a NFL strategy employed in the college game. They are different games and require different strategies. I hope Bill can bridge the gap.

Maybe my expectations of this coaching staff were too high, and I know that they need more talent. It is one thing to lose to more talent. It is quite another to not take full advantage of what we have.

I am sorry for the tone of this column, but I am very frustrated. Run the ball, Bill. Run the ball.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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