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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 27, 1999

OK, Christmas is over and it is time to put your game faces on. I don't think Wistrom will be heathy enough to play, but we will see. Crouch will be healed up and therefore will perform at a high level. Our defense should be able to stop them. They have O-line problems and against Florida had trouble with the blitz. Martin is talented but a little erratic. He is mobile and those guys have given us trouble before. The other thing is that their I-backs Lewis and Smith were heavily recruited by us. Smith would be playing for us this year.

Their defense has good stats and the most athletes we will have seen since Southern Miss. But they don't see an offense like ours ever. The last two times Colonel Jr. and my friends the Collinsworths saw a hotshot SEC team in a bowl they were physically overwhelmed. They got tired of our guys rolling at their legs. My computer game says it will be close and a score in the low 20s and high teens. I agree with that. I think we win because it is a home game for us, and we want to be there, and I think they don't want to be there no matter what they say.

Watch the Texas-Arkansas game -- that will be a tip-off to our game. If early in the game our options, traps and pitch plays are working, we are in business.

Now an aside: Watch for either Finley or Walker to move to the speed LB in the spring and team with Stella. I know you were wondering about that so i threw it in.
-- The Colonel



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