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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 17, 2009

We have seen two solid wins over teams that we should defeat soundly. This week’s game will tell us a great deal about where the team stands in Bo’s second season. It appears that overall talent level of the team has improved over last year.

On offense, Zac looks to me to be the real deal, he has a very strong arm and makes accurate throws. He has good speed and seems to be adept at moving in the pocket, which was strength of Ganz’s. I am excited to see how he plays this week against a great defense on the road. Helu was our best back last year and is the best offensive weapon this year. Burkhead has shown a burst and runs very hard so that we have some depth behind Helu. Hopefully we can develop a third back, particularly for short yardage. The WRs are a work in progress with a great deal of potential. The line has been very good in pass protection and so-so in run blocking. McNeill was very good last year and has become a star this year.

On defense, Suh has been the star that everyone anticipated. The linebackers are talented but are going to be prone to the mistakes young players make. But the talent level is definitely improved over last year and hopefully the mistakes diminish as the season progresses. Overall the defense has been OK but certainly not dominant playing lesser competition the first two weeks.

The timing of the Virginia Tech game is just about perfect. Our new QB and young LBs have had chance get their first starts in very positive circumstances. It’s time for our team to be tested and get an indication as how good our young team is. All of our games are exciting, but these are kind of games that you live for.
-- The Colonel



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