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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 27, 2003

A nice win accomplished in what has become our usual style: Great defense and strong kicking game and just enough offense. Williams was fantastic, and defense as a whole was dominant when the game was in doubt. The big difference I have noticed is reaction time. Our people are exploding to the ball. Early in the game it seemed as though we had three guys everywhere. The players are confident in the coaches and know where they are supposed to be.

The defense is very good overall, but the guy who makes it tick is Williams. He changes the whole game when he is in there. He is our MVP by a mile. The secondary is much better and the staff has done a good job of not exposing Ricketts. The problem with the team remains that we can't generate pass rush from the front four. We must blitz to get pressure. Pelini knows it and has been very creative in how he does it. I hope he doesn't run out of ideas. No one who saw us play last year would believe this is the same team. Next to Pederson, this guy was by far the most important hire of the off-season.

Our offensive problems persist. We still can't get the play in to the game. I thought that at least would change with Barney. But that situation is worse. Lord may not be the best at audibles, but at least give him a chance. This has to improve and can be improved. Lord threw three nice long balls one of which Herian dropped, but on the whole the entire offense found it hard to move the ball. We got 150 of our 360 yards on three plays. They have a fine D, so that explains part of it. We are just going to have to live with this offense this year. The best we can hope for here is that they can control the ball. Joe was disappointing -- he looked like a freshman, confused and hurrying. I'm glad he played in that situation, and I want us to continue to have him do so. He has talent and will get better.

A special-teams error led to their only score while the game was in doubt. But this has also become a solid part of our team. Dyches kicks a little too low, but he is money and Larson is, as he has always been, amazing. Davis is always a threat, so the returns are a strength as well.

The bottom line line is that our defense won for us again and will have to do so the rest of the year. We are winning ugly, but it sure beats the alternative. The rest of the league is not as strong as many thought, so we have a chance to have a nice season. Remember to thank Bo the next time you see him.

Keep the Faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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