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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 22, 2001

Well, I hope and think that we were flat Saturday night, because we got zero pressure on the QB. We did a lot of good things in the passing game, but 7 threw into triple coverage, and the INT in the fourth quarter was a ball that never should have been thrown. Our clock management at the end of the first half was dreadful.

Our power running was effective and should have been. 7's long TD pass to Thomas was an amazing athletic pass. But on the whole, 7 has to make better decisions in the passing game. No Wistrom really hurt, and Bowling looked rusty, because he does have good hands. Judd's turning into a fine runner. We need him or the baby bull (Kriewald) to get healthy for this game. The special teams gave up two long returns against a team ranked 87th in the nation in punt returns. Three sacks in 63 attempts is very poor. We had to blitz safeties to get pressure. Texas Tech looked for Swiney on every play. I hope he doesn't have to play much this week.

I hope this was just a flat game where we lacked focus, because if we play like that this week we will get smashed. But I don't believe that we will. I will wait until Thursday to do my Oklahoma preview because of all of the injuries. It is hard to discuss the game until we know who will play. But, I will tell you this, the crowd will need to be a big factor in this game.
-- The Colonel



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