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The week of March 13-19, looking back in five-year intervals
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«1906: How John met Jeannette: Here’s the unusual story of how former Husker star John Westover met his future wife, Denver nurse Jeannette Orr. It was all made possible by a Nebraska player’s plunge into severe delirium after the Cornhuskers’ 1904 game at Colorado. | Full story
1916: The West Coast game scheduled against Oregon State is seen as a plum that will attract more strong candidates to spring drills.
1921: Fred Dawson, former head coach at Columbia and freshman coach at Princeton, is hired as Henry Schulte’s successor as Nebraska’s head coach.
1926: Spring practices begin under second-year coach Ernest E. Bearg.
1946: A revival of the Nebraska-Notre Dame football rivalry, in hiatus since the teams last played in 1925, is in the works for 1947 and ’48.
1956: Spring drills open under new coach Pete Elliott.
2016: CBSSports.com sees Nebraska as a potential playoff Cinderella in 2016.