This week in
Husker history

The week of Dec. 21-27, looking back in five-year intervals:
1894: Nebraska wins ugly on Christmas Day, 10-6, against the Omaha YMCA, a team NU had beaten earlier in the season by 30 points. | Full story | OWH story and PDF
1909: After a 3-3-2 season, there's a movement to bring John Westover or another former player aboard as coach, but W.C. “King” Cole would ultimately return for another season.
1919: Having no conference affiliation, Nebraska schedules 1920 games against Washington State, Penn State and Michigan State.
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«1954: The Huskers, two-touchdown underdogs, arrive in Miami for their Orange Bowl game against Duke.
1964: The Huskers wrap up four days of workouts in balmy Brownsville, Texas, and then fly to Dallas for their Cotton Bowl game against Arkansas.
1974: The Huskers practice in Tulane Stadium for their game against Florida in the Sugar Bowl.
1979: Nebraska looks to bounce back from its loss to Oklahoma as the team arrives in Dallas to face Houston in the Cotton Bowl.
1989: Linebacker Mike Petko does some growing up after going down a path that saw him emulating Brian Bosworth.
1994: Quarterback Tommie Frazier, sidelined since Sept. 24 by a blood clot, is cleared to scrimmage as Nebraska prepares for its high-stakes Orange Bowl matchup with Miami.
1999: The Huskers practice in Scottsdale, Ariz., for their Fiesta Bowl* game against Tennessee.
2004: Accusations fly between Nebraska and Houston* after a proposed Thursday night game to open the 2005 season falls through.
2009: Ndamukong Suh becomes the first defensive player to be named AP College Football Player of the Year. Meanwhile, the Huskers arrive in San Diego* for their Holiday Bowl game against Arizona.
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