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We’re Back, Baby!

9/20/19 | Ryan Tweedy
We’re back, baby! I mean that in two ways. First, and most importantly, the Big Red Cobcast is back to writing these weekly articles (along with sharing our immediate post-game Facebook Live chats). You’re welcome. Secondly, Nebraska is clearly back to being a national title contender. Bring Lee Corso’s mummified corpse to Lincoln in 12 days. Tell Kirk Herbstreit and…

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Big Red Cobcast: 2019 Is Upon Us

1/8/19 | Ryan Tweedy
Happy New Year! In the dawn of 2019, the Cobcast decided to make some New Years Resolutions to make our lowly podcast better. 2019 New Years Resolutions Mike and Joe cannot be together at the same time on any Cobcast ever. Ryan can only talk about Cross Fit (and now Muy Thai) a maximum of 2 times per episode. Pat…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #241: Guess Who’s Back

1/7/19 | Patrick Janssen
The Big Red Cobcast is almost five years old. And for the first time in almost four years, we took a bit of a break. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. We were off enjoying our families and freezing our asses off in Nebraska. But now that we're back, there's so much to talk about. The December signing…

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Big red Cobcast: A Very Merry Cobcast

12/18/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I think it's very fitting that signing day comes so close to Christmas. For hard core Husker fans like me (and I assume you) signing day might even be more exciting. Once you become an adult, the presents under the tree aren't really a surprise and if you don't get that thing you really wanted, you can always just go…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #240: Holiday Anger & Cheer for Husker Fans

12/17/18 | Patrick Janssen
The holidays are almost here, but I feel like everyone's mad. People are mad that there was that late reversal of a call, basically screwing Nebraska volleyball out of a second straight national title. People are mad that Stanford has their own crappy Paul Fell-esque political cartoonist in their locker room. People are mad that some people aren't more mad…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #239: Nebraska is for Huskers

12/10/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are a bunch of ways to watch Nebraska win. Beating Michigan State in the snow. Snaring Wandale Robinson away from Kentucky. Cheering the Huskers' volleyball team into the Final Four. Watching Isaac Copeland slam home the final touches of a cathartic win over Creighton. All of it is great, and none of it is on an à la carte…

Big Red Cobcast: Short And Sweet

12/4/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet this week, mainly for a couple of reasons. Because I'm running late for work but I have to get this up or Pat passive aggressively shames me for being irresponsible. I don't like to let Pat down. It's like letting down my 37 year old grandfather. Because honestly there isn't a whole lot…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #238: Let’s Get to Recruitin’!

12/3/18 | Patrick Janssen
Now that the season is over, we're left to figure out some new things to do with ourselves. Those include watching Nebrasketball, watching other teams play college football, telling the Canale brothers that no one likes them and they should never be on the podcast again, and most importantly, following recruiting. For it seeming like a dead time of year,…

Big Red Cobcast: Pride

11/27/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Pride is the word that I feel best represents the Huskers as not only a team this year but also as a fanbase. Not just because of the love we have for the university, the players, the coaches and, at the end of the day, each other but also because like a group of lions we have a ferocity when…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #237: Offseason Hate Week

11/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
A lot of things about Friday sucked. There were plenty of positives, but the unfortunate truth is that losing to Iowa trumped all of that in the moment. It was a punch to the stomach, the nose and the testicles all at once. But there was something even worse than that: the clear-eyed realization that this thing is truly headed…

Big Red Cobcast: Iowa Hate Week 2018

11/20/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This is the week we've been thinking about since black Friday last year. We've had to endure the trash talk our neighbors to the East. You know, the neighbors who get drunk and hit on all the under age girls in the neighborhood. The neighbors who flicks cigarette butts over your fence and pees in the front yard with their…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #236: Hope and Hate (or Hate and Hope?)

11/19/18 | Patrick Janssen
Despite one of my more favorite Husker victories in recent memory, Nebraska was officially eliminated from bowl contention late Saturday night. BYU's thumping of New Mexico State was the final nail in the coffin for the Huskers' postseason hopes. But not for their long-term hopes. Things are about to get good in our neck of the woods. REEEAL GOOD. So…

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Big Red Cobcast: Do You Have Hope?

11/13/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This Week we have guest writer, Joe Canale) I don't have to tell anyone reading this how long this season has seemed already. The first game we played still hasn't ended. We've all been through the stages of grief at least once, if not more. But then there was hope. The offense started to smooth out. We got our first…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #235: Cautious Optimism

11/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
This team is going to compete every week. I have no doubt of that. It's the first time I've felt confident enough to make that statement about Husker football since Eric Crouch was forced to play catch-up against Colorado for 60 minutes in 2001. This team is going to compete. But with the rocky start to the season (which in…

Big Red Cobcast: Moral Victory?

11/6/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Do Moral Victories exist? Is it something that you can actually achieve. Can you lose and still consider it a win - maybe a lin? Or a woss? Nah, I don't think so. Probably not. an L's an L. So Not A Moral Victory Then? Right. But also... LIKE IM SUPER EXCITED!!! BECAUSE THE HUSKERS ARE BACK ON TRACK. I…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #234: A Different Kind of Loss

11/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
We've done seven Cobcasts and seven Facebook Live chats after losses this season. And we've done a hell of a lot more if you include the past few seasons. Since starting this podcast in 2014, we've witnessed 30 losses. That's the exact same number of wins we've seen in that amount of time. Yet, somehow, this loss felt differently. We've…

Big Red Cobcast: I’m a proud homer

10/30/18 | Ryan Tweedy
ho·mer /ˈhōmər/ (noun): a person, man or woman, who believes that under the tutelage of Scott Frost, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are capable of anything and everything. I, Ryan Tweedy of the Lincoln Tweedys, am a proud homer and with that in mind I declare that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will defeat the Urban Meyer lead Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, The…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #233: A Storm’s a Brewin’!

10/29/18 | Patrick Janssen
Wasn't this supposed to be the uneventful weekend? First, it was supposed to be a bye weekend. Then it was turned into an almost-bye weekend with Bethune-Cookman. And the pressure of nabbing Scott Frost's first win was already removed. But here we are celebrating what turned out to be quite the eventful weekend. Yeah, sure, Nebraska won and made it…

Big Red Cobcast: VICTORY!

10/23/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Man, I never thought I could feel this good about being 1-6. It's almost embarrassing. Plus, if we're being honest Im not sure I'd feel the same if it was ANYBODY but Scott Frost. I feel like Husker fans have a secret that we've known about since December and everyone else is just starting to figure it out. What makes…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #232: VICTORY!

10/22/18 | Patrick Janssen
It's time for a new streak. One of a different stripe. 10-game losing streaks are fun and all (I'm lying), but six-game winning streaks to go to a bowl game? That's where the party's at. Maybe I'm putting the cart ahead of the horse. You'll have to forgive me. It's been a while. I'm bathing in the glory of a…

Big Red Cobcast: Crack Is Wack

10/17/18 | Ryan Tweedy
We got a tweet last Sunday that said "How do you guys continue to do a podcast every week after games like this." I'm paraphrasing but that was the gist. It's a fair question but it's actually easier to answer than what you might initially think. We do it because we love the Huskers. We love being around and talking…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #231: And So It Continues

10/15/18 | Patrick Janssen
Ten in a row. Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss. That's what Husker football looks like right now. That's not a Scott Frost thing. That's not a Mike Riley thing. That's a Nebraska thing. This has unfortunately become our culture. There are times it feels like it's…

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Big Red Cobcast: A True Story

10/9/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale (@weaselicious) I turned this in late this week. (Just like every week) Honestly, I was out of things to say.  I've tried the "turnaround is right around the corner" and the "the turnaround may take a while, but it's gonna be great when it happens (it is).  I will have something…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #230: Turning Point?

10/8/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nobody wants to hear about moral victories and turning points. The only victories and momentum shifts will come from actual wins is the common maxim. But let me tell you: Saturday felt like a victory for self-esteem and a changing of a emotional tide. The true test of how much of one it was will come Saturday in Evanston, Ill.…

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Big Red Cobcast: How To Remain Upbeat

10/3/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale (@weaselicious) My brother gives up on the Husker season pretty early the past few years.  Can't say that I blame him. I'm Not saying I agree with him, but in the spirit of equal opportunity I will present his tips for..... How to remain upbeat in a down Nebraska season: 1)…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #229: Pur-d’oh

10/1/18 | Patrick Janssen
This is going to be quick. Why? Because I'm the guy who wasn't a part of this week's podcast. Because I'm in Nebraska trying to hang out with family before flying back to California. Because we lost to friggin' Purdue again. In spite of all that, I had fun at this weekend's game (first time sitting next to my dad…

Big Red Cobcast: Opportunities!!!

9/25/18 | Ryan Tweedy
What An Opportunity!!! (this week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale) We all know where we stand. We're 0-3. We have one, ONE(!) beat up, scholarship quarterback available. Our offensive line looks like shit and the defense is still making the big mistakes that have plagued the last few (several?, twenty?) years. Worst of all, this has given all…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #228: Buy In

9/24/18 | Patrick Janssen
It's time for all of you to buy in. Buy in to the Scott Frost Era. Buy in to the long-term plan. Buy in to knowing this year is probably going to be a slog. Sure, all of that. But most importantly, buy in to watching these videos every Monday. They've become therapy for us after the games. Maybe they…

Big Red Cobcast Ep. 227: What Now?

9/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
I've had two conflicting pieces of wisdom kicking around in my brain since the weekend. Back in the mid 90s, after I grounded out to lose a baseball championship game in junior high, my dad told me that I'd learn more from that defeat than I would have if I had hit a game-winning double. Years later, I broadcasted games…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #227: I Guess We Have to Hate Troy Now

9/17/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, the Scott Frost era isn't off to the start we thought it would be. Adrian Martinez is hurt. Andrew Bunch is like Matt Turman but without Lawrence Phillips, Aaron Graham and Rob Zatechka. And we've lost to friggin' Colorado and Troy. But Colorado and Iowa (and other non-championship team) fans should relish this while they can because this is…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #226: Moving On

9/10/18 | Patrick Janssen
I hate Colorado. For so many reasons. I don't care if it affects our status as "college football's greatest fans." They deserve every bit of hate. They would've deserved all the hate, even if they hadn't stolen a victory that Scott Frost & the Huskers rightfully earned. They would've deserved the hate if they hadn't tried to blatantly hurt Adrian…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #225: Still Game Week

9/4/18 | Patrick Janssen
Talk about a hangover. We were all drunk on the emotions of Nebraska football, only to wake up with a hangover that included no football. I might be mixing metaphors just a bit because the Cobcast crew had to find a way to cope with Saturday's game being cancelled, and that included actually getting drunk. So that's why everything is…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #224: Game Week

8/27/18 | Patrick Janssen
Game. Week. And there it is, everybody. It's no longer a question of how many weeks until the Frost Era begins at Nebraska. It's matter of days. And soon, it will be a matter of hours, minutes and eventually seconds. Tweedy and I got into a whole bunch of things in this week's podcast, including surprises on the depth chart,…

Big Red Cobcast: So Close!

8/21/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This week we have guest blogger Joe Canale again) SOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSE!!!! I know I did the whole Christmas eve thing last week , I should have saved it for this week, or actually next week come to think about it.  But I was wrong about Christmas.  Because Christmas (or birthday or anniversary or whatever) comes once a year.  What we are…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #223: Balloons, Marching Bands and LED Lights! Oh My!

8/20/18 | Patrick Janssen
Here are the reasons I know we need Husker football in our lives STAT: 1.) Husker fans talking about balloons. 2.) Husker fans are talking about lights. 3.) Husker fans are LOSING THEIR FREAKING MINDS RIGHT NOW. Numbers 1 and 2 probably fold into number 3. And we're not immune from these woes. But we did our damnedest to talk…

Big Red Cobcast: Christmas In September

8/14/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Oh man oh man oh man.  It's getting closer,  yet it still can't get here soon enough. I know we all look forward to the first Husker football game every year, but there's no question this year is unique.  There has never been a head coach like Scott Frost at Nebraska.  We've had high profile hires like Bill Callahan.  And…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #222: 19 DAYS TILL HUSKER FOOTBALL SEASON

8/13/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nineteen days. Let me spell that out for you. N-I-N-E-T-E-E-N (space) D-A-Y-S (space) U-N-T-I-L (space) H-U-S-K-E-R (space) F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L (space) I-S (space) B-A-C-K-EXCLAMATION POINT. That excitement comes through in both our latest podcast episode, which is available on iTunes right now and on HuskerMax tomorrow morning, as well as in our weekly Facebook Live, which is available just below this paragraph…

Big Red Cobcast: The Brenda Tracy Interview

8/7/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I'm gonna keep this article short and sweet because I would like the podcast to speak for itself this week. We spoke to Brenda Tracy Saturday afternoon and recorded our conversation. She was insightful, brave, thoughtful, poignant and honest. I want to let her speak for herself. If you have sons and/or daughters this might be a good episode for…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #221: Calm Before the Storm

8/6/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are tons of things to address and only so much space to address them in these preview articles. So here goes: 1.) FALL CAMP HAS STARTED!!!!!! 2.) I'm back. And apparently that means these Cobcast preview articles are, too? I guess the Cobcast empire falls into disarray when I'm out of the country. So you're welcome? 3.) FALL CAMP…

Big Red Cobcast: Integrity And Leadership

8/1/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Integrity is what you do when no one is watching. I'm not here to be a white knight or point fingers or say that this or that should be a punishment. I'm not here to remind people that if you bully anyone that is weaker than you, you are a coward. I'm also not here to pretend that I haven't…

Big Red Cobcast: Nutrition!

7/25/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This week we are joined by our good friend, Brent Pope. Brent is not only a Husker super fan but also a very famous actor. He's one of those guys who's name you don't know but you've seen his face a million times. Check him out on Casual on HULU and Pink Collar Crimes on CBS! Now to what's important. What…

The Big Red Cobcast: Scott Frost Is Like Gum

7/17/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Editor's Note: We have a guest blogger this week, Joe Canale (@weaselicious). Also, in spite of what Joe says - Ryan is very smart and logical and great. My kid is four and a half.  Actually it's four and three quarters.  She asked me this morning how long until she turns five and I am guessing this is just going…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #218: So Much Attrition

7/16/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Speaking of attrition, Im sure the first thing you're noticing is that, me - Tweedy, is writing this instead of Pat. Well, Pat's in London doing what Pat does. I'm sure  whatever it is it involves soccer and sour beer. What a silly, waste of time if you ask me. This week in the preview we take some questions as…

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Energy: 4 Year Olds vs. Scott Frost

7/10/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This week we have a guest blogger - Joe Canale @weaselicious) The last few days here in LA have been record breakingly hot. Triple digits, combined with what I can only describe as an unpleasant, baking- hot wind.  It's the kind of weather that makes you want to do...nothing.  That is, unless you are my four year old daughter.  Every…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #217: Vitamin S and Love/Hate Mail

7/9/18 | Patrick Janssen
People tend to view Tweedy as the reactionary member of the Cobcast bunch. But I think that's a misrepresentation. A more accurate take is that we let Tweedy rant about whatever he wants to rant about, and then Joe and I react to that wildness. And since there was no Joe this week, I had to do a lot of…

Big Red Cobcast: Consistency

7/3/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This week Joe Canale @weaseliscious of "The Big Red Cobcast" is our guest writer) Consistency. That is a word that used to define the Nebraska football, and not always in a good way. Before Osborne won his Natty's he was criticized for winning ten games a year, but losing the "big one". There were even rumors of him being fired,…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #216: Pumpin’ Iron with Scott Frost

7/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
Pumping iron. That's what this Husker team has been doing, and it's apparently what Scott Frost has been doing. Zach Duval confirmed it for us on Twitter this week. It's also what 2/3 of the Big Red Cobcast crew has been doing. So naturally, we talked a lot about lifting weights this week, both on our Facebook Live and on…

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Big Red Cobcast: Accountability

6/26/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I'm a forum reader. I'm one of those nerdy Husker fans that scours various forums in the middle of July for that one golden nugget of info that I haven't heard yet. I don't care if it's about staff accountability, Strength and Conditioning, Coach Verduzco, or some 16 year old 2021 recruit that still wets his bed. I love it…

Big Red Cobcast: Wishful Thinking

6/19/18 | Ryan Tweedy
It's the offseason, so sometimes on the Cobcast, we let our mind wander to what might have been. What would have happened if Dr. Tom hadn't pushed for Solich to be the next head coach? What if Houston Nutt actually became our head coach? What if Steve Pederson was born in Zimbabwe and stayed there and never even hear the…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: SURPRISE!

6/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
This past week was one of surprises. A surprise commitment, a surprise change in NCAA regulations AND a surprise return of our weekly preview articles & Facebook Live chats. Yeah, that's right. We're doing our jobs in their entirety. So that means we're kind of like Scott Frost and Co. now, right? So since we've done our jobs, why don't…

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Big Red Cobcast: The Tunnel Walk

6/12/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I've been thinking about the tunnel walk a little lately. I actually really liked the "Come Together" for the spring game. Tradition is great and there is a place for it but I think tradition can be used as a weapon and I'll get to that in a minute but for this discussion I'd like to say that I think…

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Big Red Cobcast: No June Gloom Here

6/5/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Man, we are having a nice beginning to a month notorious for being gloomy. We picked up a Defensive Lineman, an Offensive Lineman, a Corner and a quarterback all within a week or so of each other. Some of them can even play next season. I hope this good string of luck continues on through July. It definitely seems like…

Big Red Cobcast: Best Running Back Ever?

5/29/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Greatest Husker Running Backs Since I was a kid I have been a fan of Husker Running backs.  Nebraska has had the greatest runners the sport has ever known. Even our quarterbacks could have played half backs at many colleges. There was something about how our running backs moved - they ran fast and tough. They burned players around the…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Memorial Day & Football Season

5/28/18 | Patrick Janssen
Beer. Grilled meats. Joking with friends and family. Backyard games that involve throwing beanbags. That sounds like two things, Memorial Day and football season. Enjoy the first one today while realizing the second one is around the corner. Until the latter arrives, hang out with us for a little bit. The latest Big Red Cobcast will be up on HuskerMax…

Big Red Cobcast: Scott Frost Wants Bama

5/22/18 | Ryan Tweedy
For those of you that haven't heard, Scott Frost called out Alabama for claiming titles that don't really count. Which brings the total number of entities ol' Frosty has called out to Bama, Harbaugh, Meyer, the entire Big Ten conference in one fell swoop and, if we go back to '97, the media that didn't recognize Tom Osborne as the…

Big Red Cobcast: Is Baseball A Sport?

5/16/18 | Ryan Tweedy
 Is Baseball A Sport? This very question has been debated by Pat and myself dozens of times. Pat, a fan of all leisures including both sports and games, is a die hard baseball fan. It's actually perfect for him. It gives him numbers and stats to think about while trims his toe nails. RBI's and ERA's (those are both of…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Bring On Breon!

5/14/18 | Patrick Janssen
In life, some weeks just flat out suck. And then there are the weeks you find out Breon Dixon will be allowed to play this fall and you realize heaven’s existence is immaterial because it’s already a time and place on Earth! That’s pretty much where Tweedy and I are this week. We also discuss the state of Husker football…

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Big Red Cobcast: Dr. Tom Is Good At Most Things

5/8/18 | Ryan Tweedy
If I made a list of things I was good at, it would probably be average in length compared to everybody else. It would include impressive things like 1) Sharing Childish Gambino videos on Facebook 2) Mowing my front yard 3) Yelp. That's sort of how it goes for me. I'm useful but not thaaaaat useful. My list of things…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Reunited And It Feels So Good

5/7/18 | Patrick Janssen
Some things go away, and when they do they stay gone forever (like the logo used in this article was supposed to be). Other things are merely gone for a moment in time, only to be rightly reunited. Like Scott Frost and Nebraska. Or Tweedy’s and my disconcertingly close relationship. OR THESE BIG RED COBCAST PREVIEW ARTICLES. After being separated…

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Big Red Cobcast: The Slow Season

5/1/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This is always the hardest few weeks for the Cobcast. It's the Slow Season. First there's the season, then National Signing Day, spring ball, and then the spring game. Then all of a sudden, the very next day - Nothing. We get a handful of recruits over the next few months for little sparks of excitement, here and there. The…

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Big Red Cobcast: 2018 National Champs

4/24/18 | Ryan Tweedy
2018 National Champs I don't mean to sound like a homer but get ready to hang a new banner! I watched the spring game and it was pretty great. The fast paced offense, the gang tackling, the quarterbacks, Greg Bell, Tyjon Lindsay, ALL OF THE RED OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER! I wish I could contain my…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #206

4/23/18 | Patrick Janssen
This week’s Big Red Cobcast is a little different. Tweedy went to the spring game, while I was stuck in the California weather with non-Runza hamburgers and non-Valentino’s pizza. So Tweedy spent the weekend catching up with old Lincoln buddies and talking about the true beginning of the Frost Era. Because of that, we didn’t have our usual Facebook Live…

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Big Red Cobcast: #FrostEffect

4/17/18 | Ryan Tweedy
With Spring Ball approaching, I think as a fan base we should stop for 5 minutes and think about the #FrostEffect. I personally feel that it has been under used and possibly undervalued. Let me explain. Scott Frost is a national treasure. He has a way about him that makes everyone he meets, well, better. I know this is a…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #205

4/16/18 | Patrick Janssen
Tweedy & I are Nebraska natives. We've had our share of Runzas. We've soaked up cheap beer with Valentino's on a Saturday morning. And most importantly, we know how to drive in the damn snow. But that doesn't mean we always want to (drive in the snow; I'll eat post-drunk Runzas and Valentino's slices all day every day). But sometimes…

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Big Red Cobcast: Hoss Reuter Talks Scheme

4/10/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This week on the podcast, Hoss Reuter joins us to talk about offensive line play and what we should expect to see from our Running Backs this coming season. Hoss is an x's and o's nerd that you might recognize from his series over on Corn Nation called "Decoding langsdorf". Check some out HERE. Obviously, Langsdorf isn't a part of…

Big Red Cobcast: Wanna Talk Recruiting?

4/3/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Before we get too carried away with recruiting talk, don't forget to check out this week's podcast! Okay, now we can move forward with some recruiting jibber jabber. I want to to see how everyone feels right now, you know, find the temperature of the room. One of my favorite parts of the podcast is the dialogue we get to…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #203

4/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
What does a Husker fan do when there are no games to be played? (No, I'm not including the pitching meltdown that happened in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.) We talk recruiting and who might be fired and when. And oh did we do that on this week's episode of the Big Red Cobcast. It was Junior Day weekend in Lincoln,…

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Big Red Cobcast: Ask Us Anything

3/27/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Here's the thing. It's a little known fact but Pat, Joe and I are experts on most things. I mean, it's obvious that we are experts on Husker football but we are also very plugged into the human psyche. I was Psychology major for 2 years and Pat reads a lot of books. Joe, on the other hand, has no…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #202

3/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
I was hoping we wouldn't have to be having one of these types of conversations again this soon. But here we are. A couple weeks removed from Nebrasketball season (and just a few months from a football hiring process), the humming noise surrounding Tim Miles' job status seems to be getting louder. So we addressed that this week, on both…

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Big Red Cobcast: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

3/21/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Part 1 Part 2 Justifying The Title Something Old: Our love for Scott Frost Something New: Scott Frost becoming our head coach at the end of this game Something Borrowed: The video of the Memphis vs. UCF game that we borrowed from someone's YouTube channel Something Blue: Memphis' uniforms Let's Watch A Game Together! That's sounds exciting, right? We decided…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #201

3/19/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are a few things happening in Big Red Cobcast-land this week. First, we're doing something a little different on this week's podcast. For those who have been donating to our Patreon (as well as those who start donating to our Patreon), there will be bonus episodes each month. What will those bonus episodes be like? They'll be like this…

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Big Red Cobcast: 200 Episodes!

3/13/18 | Ryan Tweedy
  Guys. We did it. 200 episodes. My mom would be very proud if she had any idea what a podcast actually is. Pat, Joe and I look forward to this show every week. We love making it and we love talking to our fellow Husker brethren from all over the country.  I mean, actually the world. People tweet at…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #200

3/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are two things you should know about the Big Red Cobcast this week. 1.) It (and our Facebook Live that you can see down below) was recorded on Saturday. 2.) I was out of town. So if you're expecting livid rants about Nebrasketball getting royally jobbed, this will not be the place. You'll have to go to our Twitter…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #199

3/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
It was a weekend of mourning for Nebrasketball. But there's no time for crying. So instead, we argued about a bunch of things related to Husker Hoops. Among the questions we asked: How much is the Big Ten to blame for Nebraska's unlikelihood to make the NCAA Tournament? Does an NIT berth have any bearing on Tim Miles' job status?…

Big Red Cobcast: Jumping is cool

2/27/18 | Ryan Tweedy
  I'll admit that my knowledge of Nebrasketball is limited. I really only go back as far as Tim Miles. I guess I did get Eric Piatkowski's autograph when I was young but I don't remember much of that game. So my only true memories start around the Tim Miles hire. I've watched more college hoops in the last 5…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #198

2/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
Guys, things got testy at Big Red Cobcast headquarters this week. Both on our Facebook Live (which you can watch just a few paragraphs down from here) and on the podcast (which you can hear tomorrow on HuskerMax or right now by checking us out on iTunes). We're all shells of ourselves right now. Tweedy hurt his back. I'm sick.…

Big Red Cobcast: Jack McVeigh Interview

2/20/18 | Ryan Tweedy
What Did We Talk About? Jack McTrey. The Pinnacle Bank Bomber. Nicest guy in the Bench Mob. Slow to the "Macarena" but fast to row the boat. Jack McVeigh is an integral  part of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Men's Basketball Team. And... he's a hell of a nice guy. Pat and I had a great time talking to Jack about everything…

Big Red Cobcast: Recruiting and Racists

2/13/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Last week was anything but quiet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. First off, Scott Frost finalized his first recruiting class for Nebraska and, boy howdy, was it a doozy. Top 25 finish, 4th in the Big Ten, barely being edged out by Michigan AND the best in the west. The best by a long shot, actually. I hope our friends Minnesota,…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #196

2/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nebrasketball, racism (or rather criticism against it), fawning over Scott Frost's first Husker recruiting class, jokes in poor taste, more stalker-y phone calls directed toward me. It's all on the table this week. We're the Big Red Cobcast. You can't keep us caged up in a tiny little box. We're basically like the Scott Frost of podcasts. Everyone thought he…

Big Red Cobcast: Expectations

2/6/18 | Ryan Tweedy
As Husker fans we have insane expectations. Some might even argue that they are unrealistic expectations. As a self-aware homer my tendency is to disagree, but I think it's important to keep this year's recruiting class in perspective. My heart says, "We get everyone left on our board, rank inside the top 20 and win 2 national championships next year".…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #195

2/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are some people who like the Big Red Cobcast. More than that, though, there are people who LOVE the Big Red Cobcast. But believe it or not, there are also people who don't dig us. Why? They probably fell off their bikes and landed on their heads when they were kids. And because everyone wants to go to a…

Big Red Cobcast: #MakeTweedyPuke

1/30/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Hey guys, Tweedy here.  You probably don't know who I am. I'm one of the co hosts of The Big Red Cobcast. I love our podcast. I love making it, I love being a part of it,  and I love getting to interview many of childhood heros like Charlie McBride, Milt Tenopir, Grant Wistrom, Christian Peter and and Chad Kelsay…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #194

1/29/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, this was a cheery week. All sorts of fun topics like Michigan State and how we as Husker fans should view that whole nasty situation. Also, we talk Husker football winter conditioning. Is Zach Duval going to murder a Husker with his workload, and can he possibly do the same to Tweedy? PLEEEEAASE? Seriously, we're trying to get everyone…

Big Red Cobcast: Coffee Is For Closers.

1/23/18 | Ryan Tweedy
 Hope Springs Eternal! When it came to recruiting, Bo Pelini got to drink hose water from Flint, Michigan. Mike Riley's staff got hot chocolate or maybe an energy drink. Scott Frost and crew however are gonna get The Freshest coffee, hottest coffee. The expensive kind where they have to dig through the poop of those Peruvian monkeys just to…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #193

1/22/18 | Patrick Janssen
Guys, things are getting chippy in Cobcast land. We're tired of no football. We're tired of each other's coffee breath. It's time for April to get here. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to talk about this week. And talk about it we do! On this list of this week's topics are CTE (and the possible salvation of football),…

Big Red Cobcast: Loving Scott Frost and Hating the SEC

1/9/18 | Patrick Janssen
I honestly can't tell what the prevailing sentiment is. Are Nebraska fans howling for UCF to be co-national champions because anything tied to Scott Frost feels like it partially belongs to the Huskers? Or are they up in arms because they understand fairness and recognize when it's not being employed properly? Maybe I can't tell because it's a little bit…

Big Red Cobcast: Aaron Taylor Interview

1/2/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Happy New Year everybody! As I'm writing this, I'm watching Scott Frost vs. what feels like the entire ESPN network and I'm hoping that Samson can get this thing going against the Goliath that is Auburn. The more I think about it, that's what I wish for all of you, my friends, my family, and myself going into 2018. I…

Big Red Cobcast: Merry Friendsmas

12/26/17 | Ryan Tweedy
 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Our family wishes you and yours a great end to the year and beginning of the next. This week on the Big Red Cobcast we are doing something a little different. Since I'm back home in Lincoln for the holidays I had three of my best friends on to talk about the Early Enrollees,…

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Big Red Cobcast: #188 Chad Kelsay Preview

12/18/17 | Ryan Tweedy
Alright guys, it's time! The newest episode of the Big Red Cobcast is now live on iTunes. In this week's episode we interview legendary Blackshirt and Nebraska football Hall of Famer Chad Kelsay. He talks about being a Nebraska boy and getting that opportunity to play for the Huskers, as well as the importance of in-state athletes. He also talks…

Big Red Cobcast: Statistician Paul Dalen Joins Us

12/12/17 | Ryan Tweedy
I think right now there are a few different emotions going through Husker Nation.  One of them is excitement and I think that it's justified. How couldn't you be excited when our fellow Nebraska brethren has come home and he happens to be the hottest coaching commodity since Urban Meyer left Utah. It's easy to get behind someone who is…

Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Talks Frost, Riley and Parrella

12/5/17 | Ryan Tweedy
  Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan Tweedy, creator of the "Big Red Cobcast". You may recognise my name from directing the film "Through These Gates", buuuuut probably not. I'm also a Los Angeles based comedian from Lincoln, Nebraska .   Who Cares? Fair Question but hopefully I can convince you to care a little bit. At least enough…