Big Red Cobcast: Wanna Talk Recruiting?

Before we get too carried away with recruiting talk, don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast!

Okay, now we can move forward with some recruiting jibber jabber.

I want to to see how everyone feels right now, you know, find the temperature of the room. One of my favorite parts of the podcast is the dialogue we get to have with fellow Husker fans because I learn a lot from what many of you say, sometimes I actually become dumber when a few of you speak, but that’s by far the minority.

So what do you all think? Coach Frost started out hot. He picked up maybe a dozen recruits, give or take, between December 4th and 22nd and then managed to finish with a top 25 class while having about 2 months to do so. That’s impressive to say the least. Some might even argue that it is practically unheard of. In a practical sense it is because it was the first early signing period to date. In a “woah what’s going on in Lincoln” sense it is as well because I mean, come on, that’s a crazy time frame for that kind of class.

But then not much has happened.

Is It Still Too Early To Have An Opinion?

It’s been almost 2 months since National Signing Day and we have 3 commits. All in state guys, all 3 stars. Wisconsin has 8 commits with a few 4 stars scattered in there. Iowa even has 5 commits (but let’s face it they must be pretty stupid if they committed to Iowa this quickly because Iowa is the worst football team in the history of football). Should we be nervous? Is there a wait and see approach surrounding the Huskers football program? Is the Frost Effect wearing off?

Well, if we delve deeper then we’ll see that Ohio State only has 3 commits as well and Penn State only has 2. The blue bloods appear to be taking it slow too. So that’s a good sign, I would think. When you’ve got the juice now (Juice reference, anybody?) maybe you can be a little more selective.

I’m still taking the have a little patience approach, we have a ton of offers out now and it’s still pre Spring Game, which I think will definitely turn heads.

What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments or hit us up on the HuskerMax forums to continue the conversation.

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