Big Red Cobcast: Expectations

As Husker fans we have insane expectations. Some might even argue that they are unrealistic expectations. As a self-aware homer my tendency is to disagree, but I think it’s important to keep this year’s recruiting class in perspective. My heart says, “We get everyone left on our board, rank inside the top 20 and win 2 national championships next year”. My brain says, “Calm down, bro”.  Apparently, my brain talks like it does Cross Fit.

Even if we just snag a couple and lose the rest, we still have an almost full class. What Frost and company has been able to do in about 2 months (give or take), while coaching another team for the Peach Bowl (which they beat Auburn in) and in a transition class is nothing short of remarkable. It’s basically the football version of “The Mona Lisa”.

But better.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Wednesday is National Signing Day, until then we will hear a lot of talk about what to expect. We go into more detail about all of this on the podcast this week, which you can listen to with the player above.

A lot of what we hear will be positive and a lot of it will be negative. Husker fans have had almost 20 years of recruiting letdowns – so it can be hard to stay optimistic. I’m here to help. I’m providing you with a list of things to do to help you through the next 24 hours.

  1. Do something nice for a fellow Husker. Maybe buy them a Runza or tell them how good they look in red.
  2. Take a moment to be grateful. Remember that it could be worse – you could be a Hawkeye fan, with Hawkeye parents and a Hawkeye family.
  3. Watch the Team Jack run and get goosebumps:
  4. Watch the “Through These Gates Lost Tapes”:
  5. Call your mom.

There, I hope that helps. Also, you should listen to the Big Red Cobcast. You can call in now whenever you like and leave a voice mail to play on the air: 747-998-2976

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