Big Red Cobcast Preview #240: Holiday Anger & Cheer for Husker Fans

Iowa sucks

The holidays are almost here, but I feel like everyone’s mad. People are mad that there was that late reversal of a call, basically screwing Nebraska volleyball out of a second straight national title. People are mad that Stanford has their own crappy Paul Fell-esque political cartoonist in their locker room. People are mad that some people aren’t more mad about the Stanford drawing. My own mom’s mad that I don’t really care about family pictures. Everyone’s just pissed.

But let’s dial back the pre-holiday piss and vinegar. Let’s all wipe that bitter beer face off our domes, and let’s enjoy what’s truly grand about this week: FRIGGIN’ SIGNING DAY, JERKS!

Let’s get some badass mofos to sign on the dotted line, and let’s bask in the realization that things are getting one step closer to being the way they should be in Memorial Stadium (and also, Nebrasketball kicked the holy hell out of a former Big 12 foe; that was pretty cool, too).

So celebrate. Enjoy. Get ready for the greatest time of year.

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