Big Red Cobcast: Iowa Hate Week 2018

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This is the week we’ve been thinking about since black Friday last year. We’ve had to endure the trash talk our neighbors to the East. You know, the neighbors who get drunk and hit on all the under age girls in the neighborhood. The neighbors who flicks cigarette butts over your fence and pees in the front yard with their under pants around their ankles.

Iowa is those neighbors. They bring down the property value. They make everything around smell like cigarettes and cheap rum. They have Four Loco cans scattered in their yard and they listen to “Insane Clown Posse” at full volume because both them and all their friends are “Juggalos”. In 2018.

Violent Jay isn’t even a Juggalo anymore.

For the last few years they have embarrassed us. Then, and this is the worst part, they tweeted at us about it every day.

Those were the Riley years and we have a new Sheriff in town. His name is Scott Frost and Sheriff Frost hates Juggalos,  Four Locos, and disparaging under age girls. He also hates Hawkeyes because Hawkeyes aren’t a real thing. Sheriff Frost hates fake things.

Iowa is super duper screwed. We know it, they know it and so does everyone else in the B1G.

This week on the podcast Joe, Pat and myself talk about the Michigan State game and why it was so important compared to other games over the past couple of seasons. Then we talk about Iowa Hate Week and we start a new award “The Cobcast Character Awards” which are very similar to “The Carriker Character Awards” except we value different types of “Character”.

Anyways, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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