Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #195

There are some people who like the Big Red Cobcast. More than that, though, there are people who LOVE the Big Red Cobcast. But believe it or not, there are also people who don’t dig us. Why? They probably fell off their bikes and landed on their heads when they were kids. And because everyone wants to go to a good Nebraska hospital, all the reputable medical facilities in the Cornhusker State were full, and then those people suffering debilitating head injuries were rushed across state lines to an Iowa hospital where they received insufficient medical care and the hospital TVs were set to a mixture of satanic imagery and highlights from Iowa’s greatest 8-5 seasons. That’s the only way I can explain the occasional hatred for our show.

But because we care about all humans, whether they’re idiots or not, we’ve given people a chance to talk to us. We’ve set up a voicemail account so all of you (those who love us, and those who suffered traumatic brain injuries near the Iowa border) can tell us what you think, ask us questions, or breathe creepily into your phone receiver. Just call 747-998-2976. AND WE’LL EVEN PUT SOME OF THOSE PHONE CALLS ON THE AIR. We did that this week, including one of my own since I was out of town during this week’s Cobcast.

Tweedy & Joe did a lot more than let our weirdo listeners talk this week, though. They also talked Husker football recruiting and what exactly the Frost effect entails.

You can listen to our latest episode on iTunes right now. You can also get it right here on HuskerMax tomorrow. Until then, catch up with our latest Facebook Live from over the weekend! #GBR

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