Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #200

There are two things you should know about the Big Red Cobcast this week.

1.) It (and our Facebook Live that you can see down below) was recorded on Saturday.

2.) I was out of town.

So if you’re expecting livid rants about Nebrasketball getting royally jobbed, this will not be the place. You’ll have to go to our Twitter feed for that meltdown (and believe me, it happened).

Instead, Tweedy and Joe are here to talk Husker football and Joe’s colonoscopy. And really, after Nebrasketball got the ultimate colonoscopy yesterday, Husker football is a far more pleasant subject to talk about anyway. (Also, there is some Tim Miles talk, as well as Joe & Tweedy being called some fantastic names by our listeners, so Nebrasketball and anger are both still present.)

So watch our Facebook Live right now, and then listen to our latest podcast. It’ll be on HuskerMax tomorrow morning, and it’s currently available on iTunes RIGHT NOW.

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