Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #194

Well, this was a cheery week. All sorts of fun topics like Michigan State and how we as Husker fans should view that whole nasty situation. Also, we talk Husker football winter conditioning. Is Zach Duval going to murder a Husker with his workload, and can he possibly do the same to Tweedy? PLEEEEAASE? Seriously, we’re trying to get everyone to inundate Coach Duval’s Twitter account and get him to let Tweedy do one of his offseason workouts (#MakeTweedyPuke). We’ve got all that and more, including chatter about Husker football recruiting and Nebrasketball, on this week’s Big Red Cobcast. You can listen to our latest episode on iTunes right now. You can also snag it right here on HuskerMax tomorrow. Until then, catch up with our latest Facebook Live from over the weekend! #GBR

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