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Big Red Cobcast Preview #216: Pumpin’ Iron with Scott Frost

7/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
Pumping iron. That's what this Husker team has been doing, and it's apparently what Scott Frost has been doing. Zach Duval confirmed it for us on Twitter this week. It's also what 2/3 of the Big Red Cobcast crew has been doing. So naturally, we talked a lot about lifting weights this week, both on our Facebook Live and on…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #194

1/29/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, this was a cheery week. All sorts of fun topics like Michigan State and how we as Husker fans should view that whole nasty situation. Also, we talk Husker football winter conditioning. Is Zach Duval going to murder a Husker with his workload, and can he possibly do the same to Tweedy? PLEEEEAASE? Seriously, we're trying to get everyone…