Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Talks Frost, Riley and Parrella


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Let me introduce myself. I’m Ryan Tweedy, creator of the “Big Red Cobcast”. You may recognise my name from directing the film “Through These Gates”, buuuuut probably not. I’m also a Los Angeles based comedian from Lincoln, Nebraska .


Who Cares?

Fair Question but hopefully I can convince you to care a little bit. At least enough to click on the player above and listen to our podcast. Then hopefully you care enough to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher as well as follow us on Twitter. There are links at the bottom of this podcast to do all these things and more so hold tight.


Tell Me More!

Great, you’re on board so far! The Big Red Cobcast is an irreverent, emotion driven podcast created by super fans Ryan Tweedy, Pat Janssen and Joe Canale. Pat is the wicked smart, Super Ego of the bunch, Joe is the burnout but HUGE sports fan, and I am pure id baby. I can’t help that I care so much.

All of us are comedians and we try not to take ourselves seriously. How does that old Tiffany song go? “30 something year old dudes just wanna have fu-un” or something like that.


Why The Big Red Cobcast And Not Other Podcasts?

Alright, chill out. I feel like we’re going backwards here.

I love almost all of the Nebraska podcasts. I just like to think ours is different. Listen to it, if you don’t like it – fine. Please just don’t tell people or you could lie to them and say you love it.

If you do like it – THEN TELL EVERYBODY!

We are 186 episodes deep. The first dozen or so aren’t very good. Episode 186 is an interview with our good friend and legendary Defensive Coordinator, Charlie McBride. Charlie was cool enough to talk with us for over an hour about what he thought went wrong with Riley’s tenure (including some insight he gained from Coach Parrella) and he also gives small ways to make big fixes. Chuck (please don’t tell him I called him that), also talks about his time with Scott Frost and how he thinks he can change the program for the better. As always, Coach McBride is uncandid and doesn’t pull any punches.

You can expect more interviews from us in the future as well as our usual podcasts full of hot takes, cool discussions and the ever present “how much can you deadlift” question.


Hey Man, Your Grammar Isn’t Very Good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I usually have Pat check my articles but he was busy.


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