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Big Red Cobcast Preview: SURPRISE!

6/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
This past week was one of surprises. A surprise commitment, a surprise change in NCAA regulations AND a surprise return of our weekly preview articles & Facebook Live chats. Yeah, that's right. We're doing our jobs in their entirety. So that means we're kind of like Scott Frost and Co. now, right? So since we've done our jobs, why don't…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #198

2/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
Guys, things got testy at Big Red Cobcast headquarters this week. Both on our Facebook Live (which you can watch just a few paragraphs down from here) and on the podcast (which you can hear tomorrow on HuskerMax or right now by checking us out on iTunes). We're all shells of ourselves right now. Tweedy hurt his back. I'm sick.…