Big Red Cobcast Preview #218: So Much Attrition

Speaking of attrition, Im sure the first thing you’re noticing is that, me – Tweedy, is writing this instead of Pat. Well, Pat’s in London doing what Pat does. I’m sure  whatever it is it involves soccer and sour beer. What a silly, waste of time if you ask me.

This week in the preview we take some questions as per usual and we do our best to find interesting angles for the new stuff that is coming down the pipe this past week in the football program. I thought it was a good week because it included two of my favorite things: Workout videos and attrition.

If you haven’t heard yet, a few players left (you’ll have to listen to find out who) and Tanner Farmer can squats 765. Like a man.

Hot damn would Milt be proud.

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