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Oh man oh man oh man.  It’s getting closer,  yet it still can’t get here soon enough. I know we all look forward to the first Husker football game every year, but there’s no question this year is unique.  There has never been a head coach like Scott Frost at Nebraska.  We’ve had high profile hires like Bill Callahan.  And there have been plenty of coaches from the Nebraska family who have been tapped to lead the Huskers, but neve,r ever have so many of the “Right” ingredients come together all at once for the program.
It’s impossible not to be overcome with excitement, which honestly has me a little nervous. Right now there is nothing that can interfere with my day dreams of Big Ten Titles and National Championship runs, but once the games begin my utopian vision of a Scarlet and Cream revival may suddenly seem all too much like a distant dream.  There will be injuries and (despite what Tweedy might be saying) there will be losses.
Even though logic tells me we aren’t going to jump right into Playoff relevance, there has been so much positive coming out of Lincoln that it’s hard to keep a lid on my enthusiasm.
It reminds me of when I was a little kid in the weeks before Christmas.  I would spend night after night dreaming about all the incredible presents I would get.  Inevitably when Christmas morning came I wouldn’t get ALL of the presents I was hoping for, but I would always get enough to keep me happy.
Christmas is coming Husker fans.

What’s Up This Week?

This weeks show brings back the three man crew and we jump right back in with our usual stream of tangents and yelling.  Once we get some of that out of the way we discuss the good vibes coming out of practice and the BAD vibes coming out of Ohio State.  It’s awfully nice of the rest of the Big Ten to fall apart just as we are beginning to ascend. Then we get a classic Tweedy rant about tattle tales.  He’s actually pretty on the money on this one.  If you have a problem with the Cobcast, we’re big boys and can take the heat.  Just let us know what’s got your undies in a bunch and we’ll take it under consideration.  No promises that we’ll change.  But we’ll listen.

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