Big Red Cobcast: Wishful Thinking

It’s the offseason, so sometimes on the Cobcast, we let our mind wander to what might have been. What would have happened if Dr. Tom hadn’t pushed for Solich to be the next head coach? What if Houston Nutt actually became our head coach? What if Steve Pederson was born in Zimbabwe and stayed there and never even hear the word, “football”?

Wishful Thinking, right?

It’s a fun game to play. This week, a fan of our podcast asked us if Suh would have been on the 2001 team would we have won a Natty or if Crouch was on that 2009 team could we have pulled it off there? As pointless as these hypotheticals are, they are fun in their own way. We unanimously voted that Suh on 2001 may have gotten us that 6 championship we so desperately want and possibly saved us from almost two decades of Husker blasphemy.

That’s what it was. Blasphemy. People out parading around as a Husker program but they weren’t what they were selling. They were far from Nebraska. There wasn’t much, besides the uniforms, that were Nebraska back then. Hopefully that is changing. If I were a betting man, I’d have all my money on Frost and Co to turn this ship around.

What are some other hypotheticals that you can think of? Could we have one in 95 if T-Magic was at the helm? Would Abdullah have won a Heisman if he played in 83 instead of Rozier?

Send us yours over on Twitter or leave us a Voicemail (747-998-2976) and we’ll possibly talk about it on the show.

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