Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #196

Nebrasketball, racism (or rather criticism against it), fawning over Scott Frost’s first Husker recruiting class, jokes in poor taste, more stalker-y phone calls directed toward me. It’s all on the table this week. We’re the Big Red Cobcast. You can’t keep us caged up in a tiny little box.

We’re basically like the Scott Frost of podcasts. Everyone thought he was just a “coach ’em up, make the two-star players into All-Americans” kind of guy who did just enough on the recruiting trail to survive. Turns out the dude can not only coach and look handsome, but he can also recruit on a level we’ve not really seen before in Lincoln. He probably also handles his own plumbing and sews his own sideline gear (stop doing that, Coach; we’ve got Adidas for that).

And we’re just like Coach Frost! While you might think we only do expert analysis and make the most hilarious jokes, we’re so much more than that. So you can stop trying to cage us in that damn little box of yours!

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