Big Red Cobcast: VICTORY!

Man, I never thought I could feel this good about being 1-6. It’s almost embarrassing. Plus, if we’re being honest Im not sure I’d feel the same if it was ANYBODY but Scott Frost. I feel like Husker fans have a secret that we’ve known about since December and everyone else is just starting to figure it out. What makes it even sweeter is that Iowa fans are pretending they don’t see what the big deal is but you can hear the fear in the voice and see the sadness in their eyes.

You can have your 40-10 score in that one game and I’ll take this 40-10 all time record against the Hawkeyes that we’re about to have. Not only is Scott Frost the next big time coach but we got him right away and we will have him forever. Have fun with Ferentz Jr.


Victory. Sure it’s just one win, I get that. I’ll even concede that we may only win a few more this year. The writing is on the wall though. Almost 700 yards. A freshman quarterback breaking school records and leading the Big 10. A senior running back having a breakout year. A freshman running back that’s also leading the Big 10. Top 20 recruiting classes, coaches who know what they’re doing and don’t let the forum warriors get in their heads.

I think that’s what I love about this moment in Husker football the most. Confidence. It’s easy to be confident when you are winning but how high do you hold your head up when the losses pile on? How sure are you of your plan then. Scott Frost is sure and his team believes in him. And so do I. I believe in Frost.

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