Big Red Cobcast Preview: Reunited And It Feels So Good

Some things go away, and when they do they stay gone forever (like the logo used in this article was supposed to be). Other things are merely gone for a moment in time, only to be rightly reunited. Like Scott Frost and Nebraska. Or Tweedy’s and my disconcertingly close relationship. OR THESE BIG RED COBCAST PREVIEW ARTICLES.

After being separated for a couple weeks, Tweedy and I have been reunited. And oh, does it feel so good.

We haven’t gotten to bicker at each other and proclaim the other is wrong for a few weeks, but that all ends this week. We got to talk Darin Erstad and the baseball team and also whether or not baseball is a sport (HINT: IT IS). We also laid into butthurt UCF fans and tried to map out where the summer is going for Nebraska football and basketball. And there might (MIGHT) be a bit of a dig at a legendary former Husker coach/AD (but we also laid out the many, MANY things he was good at).

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