Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #205

Tweedy & I are Nebraska natives. We’ve had our share of Runzas. We’ve soaked up cheap beer with Valentino’s on a Saturday morning. And most importantly, we know how to drive in the damn snow. But that doesn’t mean we always want to (drive in the snow; I’ll eat post-drunk Runzas and Valentino’s slices all day every day). But sometimes we realize our need to remain connected.

So that’s why we called a real-deal, still-in-the-state Nebraskan over the Cobcast headquarters this week. Cody Houser, a regular listener (and the husband of Tweedy’s niece) has made the trip all the way from Shickley, Neb. We talked spring ball, recruiting, my furor over the current state of Nebrasketball, his thoughts on being able to go to the zoo instead of being buried by snow right now. There’s a lot to cover in those topics, so it’s a good thing we have multiple platforms on which we can do it.

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