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Big Red Cobcast: Moral Victory?

11/6/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Do Moral Victories exist? Is it something that you can actually achieve. Can you lose and still consider it a win - maybe a lin? Or a woss? Nah, I don't think so. Probably not. an L's an L. So Not A Moral Victory Then? Right. But also... LIKE IM SUPER EXCITED!!! BECAUSE THE HUSKERS ARE BACK ON TRACK. I…

Big Red Cobcast: Crack Is Wack

10/17/18 | Ryan Tweedy
We got a tweet last Sunday that said "How do you guys continue to do a podcast every week after games like this." I'm paraphrasing but that was the gist. It's a fair question but it's actually easier to answer than what you might initially think. We do it because we love the Huskers. We love being around and talking…

Big Red Cobcast: Integrity And Leadership

8/1/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Integrity is what you do when no one is watching. I'm not here to be a white knight or point fingers or say that this or that should be a punishment. I'm not here to remind people that if you bully anyone that is weaker than you, you are a coward. I'm also not here to pretend that I haven't…

The Big Red Cobcast: Scott Frost Is Like Gum

7/17/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Editor's Note: We have a guest blogger this week, Joe Canale (@weaselicious). Also, in spite of what Joe says - Ryan is very smart and logical and great. My kid is four and a half.  Actually it's four and three quarters.  She asked me this morning how long until she turns five and I am guessing this is just going…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #218: So Much Attrition

7/16/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Speaking of attrition, Im sure the first thing you're noticing is that, me - Tweedy, is writing this instead of Pat. Well, Pat's in London doing what Pat does. I'm sure  whatever it is it involves soccer and sour beer. What a silly, waste of time if you ask me. This week in the preview we take some questions as…

Big Red Cobcast: Wishful Thinking

6/19/18 | Ryan Tweedy
It's the offseason, so sometimes on the Cobcast, we let our mind wander to what might have been. What would have happened if Dr. Tom hadn't pushed for Solich to be the next head coach? What if Houston Nutt actually became our head coach? What if Steve Pederson was born in Zimbabwe and stayed there and never even hear the…

Big Red Cobcast: Is Baseball A Sport?

5/16/18 | Ryan Tweedy
 Is Baseball A Sport? This very question has been debated by Pat and myself dozens of times. Pat, a fan of all leisures including both sports and games, is a die hard baseball fan. It's actually perfect for him. It gives him numbers and stats to think about while trims his toe nails. RBI's and ERA's (those are both of…

Big Red Cobcast: Wanna Talk Recruiting?

4/3/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Before we get too carried away with recruiting talk, don't forget to check out this week's podcast! Okay, now we can move forward with some recruiting jibber jabber. I want to to see how everyone feels right now, you know, find the temperature of the room. One of my favorite parts of the podcast is the dialogue we get to…

Big Red Cobcast: Jumping is cool

2/27/18 | Ryan Tweedy
  I'll admit that my knowledge of Nebrasketball is limited. I really only go back as far as Tim Miles. I guess I did get Eric Piatkowski's autograph when I was young but I don't remember much of that game. So my only true memories start around the Tim Miles hire. I've watched more college hoops in the last 5…

Big Red Cobcast: Jack McVeigh Interview

2/20/18 | Ryan Tweedy
What Did We Talk About? Jack McTrey. The Pinnacle Bank Bomber. Nicest guy in the Bench Mob. Slow to the "Macarena" but fast to row the boat. Jack McVeigh is an integral  part of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Men's Basketball Team. And... he's a hell of a nice guy. Pat and I had a great time talking to Jack about everything…

Big Red Cobcast: Recruiting and Racists

2/13/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Last week was anything but quiet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. First off, Scott Frost finalized his first recruiting class for Nebraska and, boy howdy, was it a doozy. Top 25 finish, 4th in the Big Ten, barely being edged out by Michigan AND the best in the west. The best by a long shot, actually. I hope our friends Minnesota,…

Big Red Cobcast: Expectations

2/6/18 | Ryan Tweedy
As Husker fans we have insane expectations. Some might even argue that they are unrealistic expectations. As a self-aware homer my tendency is to disagree, but I think it's important to keep this year's recruiting class in perspective. My heart says, "We get everyone left on our board, rank inside the top 20 and win 2 national championships next year".…

Big Red Cobcast: #MakeTweedyPuke

1/30/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Hey guys, Tweedy here.  You probably don't know who I am. I'm one of the co hosts of The Big Red Cobcast. I love our podcast. I love making it, I love being a part of it,  and I love getting to interview many of childhood heros like Charlie McBride, Milt Tenopir, Grant Wistrom, Christian Peter and and Chad Kelsay…

Big Red Cobcast: Coffee Is For Closers.

1/23/18 | Ryan Tweedy
 Hope Springs Eternal! When it came to recruiting, Bo Pelini got to drink hose water from Flint, Michigan. Mike Riley's staff got hot chocolate or maybe an energy drink. Scott Frost and crew however are gonna get The Freshest coffee, hottest coffee. The expensive kind where they have to dig through the poop of those Peruvian monkeys just to…

Big Red Cobcast: Aaron Taylor Interview

1/2/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Happy New Year everybody! As I'm writing this, I'm watching Scott Frost vs. what feels like the entire ESPN network and I'm hoping that Samson can get this thing going against the Goliath that is Auburn. The more I think about it, that's what I wish for all of you, my friends, my family, and myself going into 2018. I…

Big Red Cobcast: Merry Friendsmas

12/26/17 | Ryan Tweedy
 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Our family wishes you and yours a great end to the year and beginning of the next. This week on the Big Red Cobcast we are doing something a little different. Since I'm back home in Lincoln for the holidays I had three of my best friends on to talk about the Early Enrollees,…

Big Red Cobcast: Statistician Paul Dalen Joins Us

12/12/17 | Ryan Tweedy
I think right now there are a few different emotions going through Husker Nation.  One of them is excitement and I think that it's justified. How couldn't you be excited when our fellow Nebraska brethren has come home and he happens to be the hottest coaching commodity since Urban Meyer left Utah. It's easy to get behind someone who is…