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We got a tweet last Sunday that said “How do you guys continue to do a podcast every week after games like this.” I’m paraphrasing but that was the gist. It’s a fair question but it’s actually easier to answer than what you might initially think.

We do it because we love the Huskers. We love being around and talking to (sometimes yelling at) other fans.

Why do crackheads like crack so much? I mean, they know it isn’t good for them and that it’s ruining all of their relationships. They think about it all day when it’s not around, they scratch their skin until there are holes in it. It’s putting a damper on their whole “happiness” thing.

But then they score some crack and all of that other stuff doesn’t matter anymore. They forget the pain.

That’s Husker football to us. You have to trust us on this but if a Crackhead made a podcast, Im almost certain it would be about crack. It would be two, possibly homeless, guys – one funny, one who knows all the science of crack – talking about what’s going on in the world of boiled cocaine. I can also promise you that the episodes that would be the most interesting would be the ones where they don’t have crack, or the crack that they do have isn’t very good. Two guys screaming “Crack Is Great” isn’t near as entertaining as listening to them cry about crack and remember all the times that they had great crack, like in the crack golden ages of the nineties.

Husker football is Pat, Joe and I’s crack. We care about it even though we understand it’s just a game. It means more to us than just a silly football being tossed around by college kids. Just like it does to most fans. It reminds us of our fathers, our families, thanksgiving, cold winter mornings, new years day when we were 14 and Shlesinger ran it up the gut twice. Football represented something when we were young and it helps us hold onto that now. Maybe it’s lame or we are infantilizing something that we shouldn’t but it is what it is and we are who we are.

We make the podcast every week because once we stop, it probably means we lost hope.

And we haven’t lost hope. Go big red.

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