Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #206

This week’s Big Red Cobcast is a little different. Tweedy went to the spring game, while I was stuck in the California weather with non-Runza hamburgers and non-Valentino’s pizza. So Tweedy spent the weekend catching up with old Lincoln buddies and talking about the true beginning of the Frost Era.

Because of that, we didn’t have our usual Facebook Live and I’m not on the podcast. To rectify the first point, we’re attaching the video that Tweedy took on the field before the game. There are no big-time revelations. Just the general feel inside the stadium at ground level. If you’re a dork like me, you’ll probably enjoy it. I did.

As for the podcast, I got thinking of some of the other episodes in which I haven’t been included. I mean, the Big Red Cobcast went roughly a year without me in the beginning, so there are plenty. Then, to make myself feel valuable, I decided to brainstorm some of my favorite episodes with me. I’m including them below. They’ll give you a little something to listen to while waiting for Husker football to start up again in the fall. *WARNING: Some of these are old episodes that were recorded before our new language restrictions. Be aware.*

And of course, you can check out our latest episode on iTunes right now or on HuskerMax tomorrow.

And if you want to join in the fun, feel free to give us a call at 747-998-2976 and leave us a voicemail.

Top 5 Episodes Without Me:

Top 5 Episodes With Me (Okay, 6, I couldn’t decide):

Facebook Live from Memorial Stadium:

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