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Big Red Cobcast Preview #237: Offseason Hate Week

11/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
A lot of things about Friday sucked. There were plenty of positives, but the unfortunate truth is that losing to Iowa trumped all of that in the moment. It was a punch to the stomach, the nose and the testicles all at once. But there was something even worse than that: the clear-eyed realization that this thing is truly headed…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #228: Buy In

9/24/18 | Patrick Janssen
It's time for all of you to buy in. Buy in to the Scott Frost Era. Buy in to the long-term plan. Buy in to knowing this year is probably going to be a slog. Sure, all of that. But most importantly, buy in to watching these videos every Monday. They've become therapy for us after the games. Maybe they…

Big Red Cobcast Ep. 227: What Now?

9/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
I've had two conflicting pieces of wisdom kicking around in my brain since the weekend. Back in the mid 90s, after I grounded out to lose a baseball championship game in junior high, my dad told me that I'd learn more from that defeat than I would have if I had hit a game-winning double. Years later, I broadcasted games…