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Big Red Cobcast Preview #218: So Much Attrition

7/16/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Speaking of attrition, Im sure the first thing you're noticing is that, me - Tweedy, is writing this instead of Pat. Well, Pat's in London doing what Pat does. I'm sure  whatever it is it involves soccer and sour beer. What a silly, waste of time if you ask me. This week in the preview we take some questions as…

Big Red Cobcast: Wishful Thinking

6/19/18 | Ryan Tweedy
It's the offseason, so sometimes on the Cobcast, we let our mind wander to what might have been. What would have happened if Dr. Tom hadn't pushed for Solich to be the next head coach? What if Houston Nutt actually became our head coach? What if Steve Pederson was born in Zimbabwe and stayed there and never even hear the…