Big Red Cobcast: Integrity And Leadership


Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

I’m not here to be a white knight or point fingers or say that this or that should be a punishment. I’m not here to remind people that if you bully anyone that is weaker than you, you are a coward. I’m also not here to pretend that I haven’t made mistakes or done things that I’ve regretted.


If you are complicit, if you put up one face for the media and another behind closed doors, if you preach wholesomeness but allow ugliness to happen – then you don’t have integrity. If you put sports above being a man, being a human being and being decent, if you lack integrity, then maybe you should take some time to reflect. Either get help or be helpful.

It’s really not that hard at the end of the day

I know that recent events are bigger than football but sometimes it’s times like this that are good to reflect on where we are and who we are surrounded by. My coach is good person, can you say the same about yours? Are you okay with what you have? Are you making excuses? How important is winning? Should we be trying to win at all costs, even if it sets a bad example for society?

These are the questions we should be asking.

Luckily for us, as a fanbase, these questions don’t affect us. If they did, what would we do? I hope we would have integrity and zero tolerance. Let me be as clear as a bright blue sky. If I found out that Coach Frost knew that Ryan Held hit his wife and did nothing – I would have zero respect for him as a coach, as a mentor and as a person. Leaders of men have a higher standard that they should be upheld to.

Also, Zack Smith should get his ass whooped.

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