The Big Red Cobcast: The Killigans And Some Change

In this week’s podcast we talk about what we think might be the outcome for Nebrasketball this year and wether or not we think Tim Miles will be coming back. So, listen to the episode for that. BUT I want to dedicate this week’s article to a really special friend of The Big Red Cobcast, The Killigans. They are a local Lincoln band that I’ve always loved. You might recognize them from their rendition of “The Cornhusker”

You can buy “The Cornhusker” by The Killigans for a buck HERE

They wrote our show a new intro song and would love our fans to support them and check out there music.

Here’s their Twitter page: @TheKilligans

Changes To Our Patreon

We also love our fanbase and we love making our podcast. So we decided to start giving away¬† “Through These Gates” to people who donate to our Patreon page at certain levels and we are also creating a monthly bonus episode that only our Patreons will have access to. We will be rolling out our first one at the end of the month. We are gonna break down some game footage but only in a way that only Big Red Cobcast can. So please go to our Patreon (HERE) and donate what you can. We will enter everyone into a raffle to win monthly prizes as well so it’s gonna be dope. Get on that Patreon train before it gets too crowded.

What More Do You Want From Our Podcast?

Leave us comment below and tell us what you want to see, hear, be apart of. We’d love to have our fans get involved in all the fun we have so let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen. You can also leave us Voice Mails at (747)998-2976 and we will read it on the air. You can also check out the forums here on Husker max and we’ll talk to you there too.

All right guys, that’s all I got this week but check us out from the player above or you can go to iTunes or get our archives on Boardwalk Audio

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