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This week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale (@weaselicious)

I turned this in late this week. (Just like every week)
Honestly, I was out of things to say.  I’ve tried the “turnaround is right around the corner” and the “the turnaround may take a while, but it’s gonna be great when it happens (it is).  I will have something good to say when we win our first game this season (hopefully this week).  Right now though, all of those words seem kind of empty.  Yes, there was improvement,  it looks like we have a QB and there’s no “four game redshirt transfers” to worry about any more.  But there isn’t anything other than a win that can turn the emotional tide at this point.
I’m getting a little bit mad at Tweedy for convincing me we were winning 9 games this season, but I shouldn’t have let his homerism sway me from my cynicism.
Every game is must win at this point if we are going to make a bowl game (I’m sorry but my cynicism says we lose to Ohio state).
I don’t want to leave you down though, so…
I can tell a nice true story that I’m sure you can all relate to.
If nothing else, it’s nice to be part of a truly unique fan base. As I was walking home earlier today I saw a stranger across the street wearing a Nebraska T-shirt. Reflexively I yelled “GO BIG RED!”  He looked at me, we both smiled and then he raised the #1 finger and kept going on his way.
To me, that is the epitome of what it is to be a Nebraska fan. Ryan Tweedy experienced the worldwide fraternity of Huskers fans when he shot  “Through These Gates”.  I’ve lived in Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles and Albany, NY as an adult and in all those places whenever I saw Husker gear I yell “GO BIG RED” and that person always responds with a smile.  It doesn’t matter what our record is.  Or who our coach is.  What matters is that we are proud to be Huskers and it’s going to take a lot more than a tough start to make us forget that.  (ALTHOUGH A WIN WOULD BE NICE!!!)

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