Energy: 4 Year Olds vs. Scott Frost

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(This week we have a guest blogger – Joe Canale @weaselicious)

The last few days here in LA have been record breakingly hot. Triple digits, combined with what I can only describe as an unpleasant, baking- hot wind.  It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to do…nothing.  That is, unless you are my four year old daughter.  Every day this week she’s been in the pool for hours. Jumping, splashing, climbing out, back in over and over and….over. The energy and enthusiasm of a four year old is almost inextinguishable. Every single moment of their life seems to bring a new exiting experience.

That’s how I’ve been feeling about this upcoming Husker season.  Every single recruiting update or tidbit from practice is music to my ears. I don’t even care about our record this season (although last week Tweedy somehow had me convinced we are winning nine games this year) because even in the games we lose, I know that there will be valuable lessons learned for the future.

The past (too many) years have been challenging for us Husker fans. It was hard to maintain the enthusiasm that we are used to having for the program. But too many things have fallen into place perfectly this off season,  I’m excited at the long term future of the program and I’m looking forward to every single thing that happens in this upcoming season because I know it’s going to shape the seasons to come.

Speaking of building for the future, for our Patreon Bonus episode we took a (kind of) close up look at a cornerstone game for the 90’s Husker Dynasty; The 1994 Orange Bowl against Florida State. And though we (SPOILER-SPOILER-SPOILER) didn’t win the game, you could see the pieces starting to fit together.  Check out some of the runs we had in the second half.  The only reason we lost that game is that we ran out of time.  I know a lot of teams can say that about a lot of games, but I don’t care, I’m saying it about this one.

As for our regular episode, I had to leave before we could record it, but I will bet the guys talked about Nebraska football and how GD great it is that we are on our way back.  Also probably a lot of stupid, yet intriguing arguments about dumb shit.

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