Big Red Cobcast Preview #226: Moving On

Big Red Cobcast

I hate Colorado. For so many reasons. I don’t care if it affects our status as “college football’s greatest fans.” They deserve every bit of hate. They would’ve deserved all the hate, even if they hadn’t stolen a victory that Scott Frost & the Huskers rightfully earned. They would’ve deserved the hate if they hadn’t tried to blatantly hurt Adrian Martinez (who appears to be a borderline savior for this team). They would’ve deserved the hate even if they hadn’t tone-deafly inundated our Cobcast Twitter feed Saturday night and Sunday morning.

But add all of that together, and they get a heaping helping of my disdain. I can’t wait September 7, 2019. But until then, we’ll have to focus on September 15, 2018, and the Troy Trojans. Because Nebraska can’t afford to slip further into the void we’ve all fallen into after these last two weeks. A cancelled game and a loss to the Buffs is bad enough. I can’t handle anything else negative.

But until then, Tweedy and I had to get some things out. And get them out we did. Multiple times, in fact. After the game, we drunkenly blew off some steam. That Facebook Live has since been deleted for obvious reasons. We re-recorded with (slightly) clearer heads on Sunday. The replay of that Facebook Live can be found here:

(if you can’t see it, that means you need to take your ad-blocker off)

And then after the Facebook Live, we recorded our weekly podcast, which you can catch tomorrow on HuskerMax or RIGHT NOW on iTunes!

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