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This week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale (@weaselicious)

My brother gives up on the Husker season pretty early the past few years.  Can’t say that I blame him.
I’m Not saying I agree with him, but in the spirit of equal opportunity I will present his tips for…..
How to remain upbeat in a down Nebraska season:
1) Don’t watch games
2) Don’t check the score when you’re not watching the games
3) Don’t check for highlight on the internet or television after the game.
4) Don’t read any articles about the game after the fact
5) Don’t listen to sports radio for at least 4 days after the game
6) Don’t listen to the “Big Red Cobcast”
7) repeat 1-6
Obviously, don’t do this. Especially #1 and #6.
No need to explain #6.  As for #1?
Wouldn’t you have like to see the original block of Marble that Michaelangelo used to carve the statue of David?  And wouldn’t you have enjoyed watching each step in the process?  I’m it just looked like a big pile of shit at some point early on (sound familiar?), but after a LOT of time and hard work he created a masterpiece.
Get it?

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