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Big Red Cobcast Preview: Bring On Breon!

5/14/18 | Patrick Janssen
In life, some weeks just flat out suck. And then there are the weeks you find out Breon Dixon will be allowed to play this fall and you realize heaven’s existence is immaterial because it’s already a time and place on Earth! That’s pretty much where Tweedy and I are this week. We also discuss the state of Husker football…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Reunited And It Feels So Good

5/7/18 | Patrick Janssen
Some things go away, and when they do they stay gone forever (like the logo used in this article was supposed to be). Other things are merely gone for a moment in time, only to be rightly reunited. Like Scott Frost and Nebraska. Or Tweedy’s and my disconcertingly close relationship. OR THESE BIG RED COBCAST PREVIEW ARTICLES. After being separated…