Big Red Cobcast: No June Gloom Here

Man, we are having a nice beginning to a month notorious for being gloomy. We picked up a Defensive Lineman, an Offensive Lineman, a Corner and a quarterback all within a week or so of each other. Some of them can even play next season. I hope this good string of luck continues on through July. It definitely seems like Scott Frost has a plan and that has me very excited.

This Week On The Podcast

This episode Pat was gone and I was joined by Joe Canale to break down all this recruiting excitement. There’s a lot going on inside the Cobcast this week because everybody knows that Joe and I can’t ever agree on anything. We also went through social media and answered some questions. I was pleased to know that our listeners agreed with me that Lawrence Phillips was the greatest running back in the History of Husker football.

Let’s watch some highlights while we’re at it. Dude was a monster.

This might be the saddest highlight reel music I’ve ever heard.

We also spent a very long time debating the downfalls of steroids and wether or not they have a place in sports. Do the benefits of being bigger, faster and stronger out weigh all of the detriments vitamin S has on your health? Listen along and let us know what you think. You can check the podcast out above and there are links to our social media below! Tweet us who you think the best running back of all time is or call us and leave us a voicemail about how annoying Joe and Pat are at 747-998-2976!

Go Big Red!

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