Big Red Cobcast: Dr. Tom Is Good At Most Things

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If I made a list of things I was good at, it would probably be average in length compared to everybody else. It would include impressive things like 1) Sharing Childish Gambino videos on Facebook 2) Mowing my front yard 3) Yelp. That’s sort of how it goes for me. I’m useful but not thaaaaat useful. My list of things I’m not good at would be much longer. The “bad” list would be so long that, if I laid it in a straight line, you couldn’t see one end from the other.

Dr. Tom’s list would be full of things like: 1)Being stoic. 2) Winning football games 3) Helping kids find mentors. Those are impressive qualities. The list would continue 4)Calm 5) Talking Scott Frost into coming home¬† 6) Fishing. There’s no question why people would admire Tom Osborne, or why people try to emulate him.

Dr. Tom is good at almost everything

The greatest coach in the history of college football, ironically, isn’t so great at picking coaches. This week’s episode goes into this in full detail. It’s a very interesting conversation. So give it a listen. We also talk about UCF fans and how they are slowly going crazy, attrition and we also touch on recruiting a little bit.

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