Big Red Cobcast Preview #228: Buy In

Big Red Cobcast

It’s time for all of you to buy in. Buy in to the Scott Frost Era. Buy in to the long-term plan. Buy in to knowing this year is probably going to be a slog. Sure, all of that. But most importantly, buy in to watching these videos every Monday. They’ve become therapy for us after the games. Maybe they will be for you too. And Lord knows we could all use a bit of therapy right now.

What did we talk about this week? Well, buying in, of course. Plus, a whole bunch of things we’ve seen from this season and how they map onto previous seasons and might map out future seasons.

We get into all of that on this week’s podcast, which you can listen to on iTunes right now or on HuskerMax tomorrow. You can also catch our immediate post-game thoughts by checking out the replay of our Saturday Facebook Live right here:

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