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Big Red Cobcast Preview #231: And So It Continues

10/15/18 | Patrick Janssen
Ten in a row. Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss. That's what Husker football looks like right now. That's not a Scott Frost thing. That's not a Mike Riley thing. That's a Nebraska thing. This has unfortunately become our culture. There are times it feels like it's…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #226: Moving On

9/10/18 | Patrick Janssen
I hate Colorado. For so many reasons. I don't care if it affects our status as "college football's greatest fans." They deserve every bit of hate. They would've deserved all the hate, even if they hadn't stolen a victory that Scott Frost & the Huskers rightfully earned. They would've deserved the hate if they hadn't tried to blatantly hurt Adrian…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #223: Balloons, Marching Bands and LED Lights! Oh My!

8/20/18 | Patrick Janssen
Here are the reasons I know we need Husker football in our lives STAT: 1.) Husker fans talking about balloons. 2.) Husker fans are talking about lights. 3.) Husker fans are LOSING THEIR FREAKING MINDS RIGHT NOW. Numbers 1 and 2 probably fold into number 3. And we're not immune from these woes. But we did our damnedest to talk…