Big Red Cobcast: 2019 Is Upon Us

Happy New Year! In the dawn of 2019, the Cobcast decided to make some New Years Resolutions to make our lowly podcast better.

2019 New Years Resolutions

  1. Mike and Joe cannot be together at the same time on any Cobcast ever.
  2. Ryan can only talk about Cross Fit (and now Muy Thai) a maximum of 2 times per episode.
  3. Pat has to talk in his real voice for at least half of every episode.
  4. If Joe is intentionally annoying he gets nut punched on the next Facebook live.
  5. Pat will tell Tweedy he loves him on air at least once per episode.
  6. Tweedy will compliment Pat occasionally.
  7.  Joe will be subject to a mute button.
  8. We will start a war with all other Husker podcasts for the right to be the only Husker podcast on the internet (We’re looking at you “5 Hearts”)

There you go. Cheers to 2019, the year of the Cobcast!

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