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Big Red Cobcast Preview #224: Game Week

8/27/18 | Patrick Janssen
Game. Week. And there it is, everybody. It's no longer a question of how many weeks until the Frost Era begins at Nebraska. It's matter of days. And soon, it will be a matter of hours, minutes and eventually seconds. Tweedy and I got into a whole bunch of things in this week's podcast, including surprises on the depth chart,…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #201

3/19/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are a few things happening in Big Red Cobcast-land this week. First, we're doing something a little different on this week's podcast. For those who have been donating to our Patreon (as well as those who start donating to our Patreon), there will be bonus episodes each month. What will those bonus episodes be like? They'll be like this…

Big Red Cobcast: Statistician Paul Dalen Joins Us

12/12/17 | Ryan Tweedy
I think right now there are a few different emotions going through Husker Nation.  One of them is excitement and I think that it's justified. How couldn't you be excited when our fellow Nebraska brethren has come home and he happens to be the hottest coaching commodity since Urban Meyer left Utah. It's easy to get behind someone who is…

Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Talks Frost, Riley and Parrella

12/5/17 | Ryan Tweedy
  Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan Tweedy, creator of the "Big Red Cobcast". You may recognise my name from directing the film "Through These Gates", buuuuut probably not. I'm also a Los Angeles based comedian from Lincoln, Nebraska .   Who Cares? Fair Question but hopefully I can convince you to care a little bit. At least enough…