Big Red Cobcast Preview #231: And So It Continues

Big Red Cobcast

Ten in a row. Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss. That’s what Husker football looks like right now. That’s not a Scott Frost thing. That’s not a Mike Riley thing. That’s a Nebraska thing. This has unfortunately become our culture. There are times it feels like it’s going to change (and I still think it will), but days like these are hard.

And not just because I have to figure out ways to keep making the worst sequel to Groundhog Day interesting every single week, but because I’m starting to wonder how much longer I’ll be interested myself?

I still dragged my ass out of bed and started the trek toward a Hollywood bar at 8 a.m. Pacific. I still hung around and ordered $50 worth of food and booze. And I’ll probably continue to do that. But a tiny part of me wonders, “How much longer?”

How much longer can I do this, and how much longer until I don’t have to question my decision to do so?

Another part of me only becomes more determined to do so, in the hopes that the turnaround will now be that much sweeter. As fewer and fewer people show up to the bar, the more I realize those of us still there have earned the right to bathe in victory a little more when it finally returns to us.

So the cycle will resume next week. I’ll order the same food, and I’ll order the same drinks. Maybe we’ll have Groundhog Day once again. Or maybe we’ll celebrate seeing Gophers instead.

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