Big Red Cobcast: Is Baseball A Sport?

 Is Baseball A Sport?

This very question has been debated by Pat and myself dozens of times. Pat, a fan of all leisures including both sports and games, is a die hard baseball fan. It’s actually perfect for him. It gives him numbers and stats to think about while trims his toe nails. RBI’s and ERA’s (those are both of my baseball references I have) are what Patty boys dreams are made of.

I, on the other hand, get really bored watching people hit a ball and run in circles. Blood, carnage and flying clotheslines are what I need to get. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s because I’m a soft, weak, video editor in real life but whatever the reason, I want to watch monsters attack each other.

Here’s my rule on how I separate sports: Answer this  question, “Do people get hit on purpose and often”. If the answer to both of those is yes then it’s a sport. If the answer to one of those questions is no then it’s a game. So as I see it, there are only a handful of sports – Football (obviously), MMA, Boxing and some Hockey games. Everything else is a game. Soccer? Game. Basketball? Game? Baseball? Game.

We would love to have you guys help us settle this debate. Let us know how you feel about baseball and the definition of “sports” in the comments below, on Social media or you can leave us a voicemail.

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