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Big Red Cobcast Preview #239: Nebraska is for Huskers

12/10/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are a bunch of ways to watch Nebraska win. Beating Michigan State in the snow. Snaring Wandale Robinson away from Kentucky. Cheering the Huskers' volleyball team into the Final Four. Watching Isaac Copeland slam home the final touches of a cathartic win over Creighton. All of it is great, and none of it is on an à la carte…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #202

3/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
I was hoping we wouldn't have to be having one of these types of conversations again this soon. But here we are. A couple weeks removed from Nebrasketball season (and just a few months from a football hiring process), the humming noise surrounding Tim Miles' job status seems to be getting louder. So we addressed that this week, on both…