Big Red Cobcast: Accountability

I’m a forum reader. I’m one of those nerdy Husker fans that scours various forums in the middle of July for that one golden nugget of info that I haven’t heard yet. I don’t care if it’s about staff accountability, Strength and Conditioning, Coach Verduzco, or some 16 year old 2021 recruit that still wets his bed. I love it all. I’m a horrible, annoying, Husker junkie. I know it and I accept it.

Lately, I’ve been reading about disappointments in Frost’s recruiting. Now, i don’t necessarily agree with what I read, I mean technically he had a better recruiting class in 6 weeks then Riley ever had and he got us the best qb we have had in almost 20 years.

Anyhoo, I digress.

I’m interested in this idea of how we handle Frost’s tenure moving forward. Lets say he goes 9-4 for 5 years straight with 3 losses to Iowa and a few blowouts. Does he get a longer leash than Bo? If he has two losing seasons in 3 years does he go the way of Riley?

Are these annoying, pessimistic routes to discuss? Of course they are but hey it’s June 26th. This is what we forum dwellers do in July. So let me know what you think of recruiting so far and how much accountability that you think we should hold Coach Frost too moving forward.

This Week’s Episode

This week Ryan, Pat, and Joe, talk about where we think recruiting is at vs. where it should be at. Is Frost taking too big of risks this early by bringing in “projects” instead of tried and true high caliber recruits? We also pontificate (Pat taught me this word) about how we think the coaches will be trying to game these new NCAA rules next season. Od course we have our usual childish banter as well. I hope you enjoy and please join the conversation by reaching out on social media (below).

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